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Guide to Hearing Examiner Appeal


Members of the Sequim community have an opportunity to participate in a

public hearing (zoom)

Starting at 9:00 am on

Monday Nov. 16 and Tuesday Nov. 17

If the proposed project is built, the results of this hearing will determine the protections required or denied to Sequim citizens and visitors. Please show that there is broad public interest, that WE STILL CARE ABOUT SEQUIM!

The central shopping district and residential neighborhood is no place for such a project.

SOS continues to pursue ALL legal options to halt construction, including an upcoming suit in Superior Court known as LUPA.

Don't give up, we haven't stopped fighting!

Subject of the Hearing:

Sequim City Staff secretly entered into an agreement with the Developer that removed or limited all of the protections previously promised to the citizens of Sequim. This leaves Sequim vulnerable to the likely consequences of the proposed  REGIONAL METHADONE CLINIC in our central business core and residential neighborhood.

View the pertinent documents here:

Side By Side Comparison   of the 

Threshold Determination - Promises made

(Relevant information starts on page 23)

and the

Stipulated Settlement     - Promises broken

along with the

Community Response Plan - now [stricken]

Rules of Engagement:

Only a very specific set of topics is allowed in this appeal. All litigants were excluded except the Developer and the City of Sequim (which appears to represent the Developer rather than the Citizens.) The allowed topics are limited to a "negotiated" change to the MDNS. To review the Rules of Engagement, see:

Notice of Open Record Public Hearing and 

Revised Pre-Hearing Order

In a Nutshell:

Call in early! You may sign up to speak before the hearing but be prepared with facts. For guidance on topics see our one - page Side By Side Comparison. You will have 2 or 3 minutes to speak.

Partial Collection of Appeal Documents:

For those of you who wish to read the hundreds of pages of documents in this appeal, click the link below. Ironically, this collection DOES NOT INCLUDE the original MDNS Threshold Determination OR the Community Response Plan (linked above) which city staff secretly negotiated into oblivion.

To go to the City Website:

To Access the Hearing:

Nov. 16-17 at 9am

By web:

Click Here

By Telephone:    

Dial: +1 253 215 8782

Webinar ID: 996 8575 6052

Message from SOS:

  • Sequim is a small rural town. We are NOT opposed to drug treatment. We oppose an oversized and unnecessary regional methadone clinic in our business and residential core.

  • This project only "pencils out" if the Developer can BUS or COMMUTE addicted clients from other areas where treatment is currently available.

  • Treatment facilities exist throughout the service area and are not at full capacity. Why bus clients into Sequim if not for profit? These are people, not packages!

  • Busing and commuting is hard on the clients and hard on the host city. Eliminating the protections that were promised is irresponsible and unfairly favors the Developer.



We support local care for local folks. We encourage a balanced approach to health issues that does not ignore or dismiss community impact. For more information read our narrative starting on our home page or peruse our research of scholarly studies, legal facts, and relevant articles.

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