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In the discussion that follows, we will address the specific challenges we can expect from the impact of this REGIONAL Drug Treatment Center - issues that Sequim is not equipped to manage. The Developers insist on avoiding a public process that would allow a realistic review of these concerns. They are looking for a fast rubber stamp so the project can move ahead without a good look at the problems.


The city of Sequim has neither a hospital or an emergency room. We have a very small Police Department and Fire Department. These services may prove critical to a population known to have high risk co-morbidities and behaviors. The nearest hospital is about 20 miles away. Not a terribly long drive - unless your condition is life threatening.

Taxes that support our public services are generally  limited to the areas they are collected from. It isn't hard to understand that a small town would have limited resources. Yet the developers enjoy a tax-free status. Many of their existing properties contribute little if anything to the community that serves them.

 Our Fire department and small police force are already strained. The proposed facility would increase the population by nearly 5% daily. As we consider this impact, we ask - why is this necessary?

  • Drug treatment (MAT) is already available

  • A REGIONAL Center requires incoming clients

  • A long daily commute is an undue hardship

  • Sequim lacks the kinds of services needed 

 What other concerns are being dismissed?

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