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SEPA Response Guidelines

Thanks to the supporters who provided this information, with combined experience in the field of over a half century.
SOS is fortunate to have people like this helping us.
The following example shows an effective MDNS response.
Repeat items 1-4 for each concern you wish to address.
  1. Reference applicable page and section of SEPA document
  2. Include language copied from SEPA document
  3. Provide an explanation of why the proposed solution is inadequate
  4. Attach any supporting documentation
Supporting documentation - data search engine
Where to send your response - See our helpful links below
includes links to MDNS document and others
SEPA Links
Comments may be made to "Responsible Official: 
Barry A. Berezowsky City of Sequim,
152 W. Cedar Street,
Sequim, WA 98382 Phone: 360-681-3435
Tim Woolett - 
Keep your City Council in the loop:
Or individualy:
Mayor William Armacost
Councilor Dennis Smith
Councilor Brandon Janisse
Councilor Troy Tennyson
Councilor Tom Ferrell
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